Commercial Auto Insurance in Ohio

Commercial Auto Insurance in Ohio

Vehicles can sometimes be your most important investment for your New York business.  So it’s essential that you find the right commercial auto insurance coverage to protect your businesses automobiles.  When purchasing your commercial auto insurance plan in New York, some coverages are required and other coverages are optional.

Most carriers with offer the following coverages:

  1. Liability:  this would cover property damage or bodily injury.  Lost income may also be under the category.
  2. Collision:  this would cover if you business vehicle has a collision with another or some object.
  3. Personal Injury:  this would cover the medical expenses of the driver in an accident.
  4. Uninsured Motorists:  if you’re involved in an accident and the other driver is not insured, this would protect damages to your vehicle.

Other types of coverages include Comprehensive, Medical, Underinsured Motorist, and Rental Reimbursement coverages.

Let us do an evaluation of your commercial auto insurance needs in Oklahoma to try and find you the best coverage for the best price.